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Frequently asked questions

How is this different than Apple Pay and Samsung Pay?

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay only support debit and credit cards, while Card Genie enables you to track and use your gift cards with ease.

How do I know that the cards on The Marketplace are real?

Every gift card listed for sale on The Marketplace is verified to be authentic and have the balance that it is being sold for.

Does Card Genie track rewards points in addition to card balances?

At this time Card Genie doesn't support rewards points, but if that's a feature that you'd like to see, shoot us an email and let us know!

How are my cards protected from theft and fraudulent activity?

Your card information in securely stored in compliance with all AML and FinCEN laws and regulations.

Can I combine multiple cards from the same store?

In order to keep each card verified and secure, we don't allow you to combine the balances of multiple cards within the app.

What should I do with the physical card after uploading into the app?

Until the card balance has been spent, sent, or sold, you should store the card somewhere safe so that you can reference it if needed.