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Access all your gift cards – anytime, anywhere

With Card Genie, using your gift cards has never been easier!

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How Card Genie Works

Scan & Store in Seconds

Open Card Genie, use your phone's camera to capture the barcode on the back of your gift card, and let the app do the rest.

Check Balances at a Glance

With Card Genie, your card balances update automatically, giving you the freedom to shop with confidence. Shopping just got a whole lot smarter.

Share the Joy

Gift cards are meant to be shared, and with Card Genie, it's easier than ever. Select a card from your wallet and choose a loved one to send it to.

Donate & Uplift

Your unused gift cards can bring smiles to those in need. Card Genie empowers you to donate gift cards to verified non-profits and families in need.

The Wallet

More than just storage, it's your proactive partner in maximizing every gift card's potential.

Smart Reminders

We'll nudge you when you're in a store where you can use one of your cards.

Effortless Payments

At the checkout, simply scan your card’s barcode directly from the app.

The Community

The Wallet is just the beginning. Dive into The Community, where gift cards become more than just a way to pay.

Share Instantly

Share a personalized digital gift card with your loved ones.

Stay Connected

Witness the generosity of friends and family in the activity feed.

A mockup of a wallet app

Ready to Experience the Magic of Card Genie?

Dive into a world where gift cards are more than just gifts; they're opportunities to connect, share, and make a difference. Card Genie is your go-to for managing, sharing, and amplifying the goodness of gift cards.

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